What you have to do to get paid 5M per year.

I have a journey of about an hour from my home to the City. My area is serviced by Southern and First Capital connect services. Needless to say that there is at-least a one minute delay every day. But that is a different story and i will get to that later.

Every morning while I wait for trains and durring my journey I read articles on  Quora, Reddit, and Bloomberg and yesterday I came across this. (see the link below..)

Here is the gist of the article:

  • Partner Managing Director of Goldman Sachs was commenting about what its like to be him.
  • He works about 50-60 hours now and used to do about 80-90 hours when he was younger.
  • He feels bad about spending less time with his children and wife
  • People are the most important part of the job and they are the people that motivates  him to go to work even now.
  • He earns about 5M a year and lives in Greenwich (NY).
  • People who are commenting on the post were being positive as well as negative.

But I couldnt help relating his comments to my situation and where I work. Here are my thoughts and observations

  • Younger people at my work place currently work around 50-60 hours including my self. Older people come at 7 am ish and go home at about 5 pm.
  • I very much doubt they get 5M a year or anywhere close.
  • they possibly spend more time with their families but I think few of them have divorced or single.
  • I cant really comment on the in a comparative way but there is very little “team work”. Every one is worried about getting there work done or keeping their clients happy. In fact I dont think there is a team working culture in the firm.

So does that mean my colleagues who are older have been not over successful in their career. Was it a choice..What do I need to do to get ahead and should I adopt a laid back or aggressive ( more richer) attitude.

I hope I can figure it out soon.



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